2 Apr


Chanel and me – dreamteam deluxe
As first blog post normally a selfintroduction is expected.

Well, I am part of a longlasting and well-working dreamteam. The other part of this dreamteam – that’s the part, which enjoys life – sleeping the whole day long on the couch, having a snack at her leisure, torturing for a change some poor flys at the window. The only work she is really taking seriously is her beauty program (manicure, pedicure and hairdresser).

Me – that’s the part of the dreamteam that has to provide all conditions for making this dreamteam surviving. Me – that’s the one who has to go to work everyday for taking food home. Me –  that’s the one who has to do the homework – several times per week – in order to keep the dream residence clean.

Nevertheless, we are a dreamteam – both taking care of eachother, listening to eachother’s worries and joys, cuddling eachother’s coat…

Looking into the eyes of my cat is giving me the proof: yes, Chanel, you are a real diva (and probably the greatest one I know) – but you are a big part of my life… and I love to be your slave…;-)